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01 Oct 2010


Friday’s Food for Thought: Rainy Day Books That Will Make You Smarter and Better Looking

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Welcome to a wet and rainy Friday. For those who live in Seattle, this is pretty normal, but for us folks on the East Coast we are drowning in a sea of rain water and frankly it’s starting to freak us out. “Noah, where’s the ark?” is one of the most common Facebook updates happening right now. So, what better thing to do on a rainy day than read a book. That is right, the got geoint? editorial staff not only prides itself on tapping into all things cool about GEOINT, we also occasionally like to take a load off, fire up the tea kettle and read a good book. What kind of stuff do we read? Well, you guessed it…geography- and IC-related books (yes, we are GEOINT nerds). Though we do want to read the new Jonathan Franzen book. And oh, watch out…Snooki is writing a book (no joke.) Check out our latest installment of cool reads in this post. Happy Friday!

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