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17 Jun 2010


Air Traffic Control for Satellites: Air Force to Officially Launch Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS)

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As our readers know, we have been covering the Air Force’s Space Based Space Surveillance system (SBSS) for sometime now. And we are excited to announced that its much-delayed launch is set for July. What is SBSS you ask? It is a $425 million satellite equipped with a high-end 500-pound digital camera that can swivel and take photos of all the stuff in space. Why? Because space is a crowded place and the problem of debris crashing — as well as satellites crashing into each other — into functioning satellites is a big issue. What is cool about the SBSS is that it will determine objects’ orbital paths and calculate the chances of collisions several days in advance. Air traffic control for satellites — looks like it will finally become a reality.

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