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13 Oct 2009


The Mapping of America’s Sins

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7DeadlySins2They say that American is a sinner’s paradise. Although we are still steeped in our puritanical ways, we still like to do bad stuff and engage in the seven deadly sins. This was made ever apparent by a recent Wired magazine story about how a team at Kansas State University who developed a series of maps of sin created by plotting per-capita stats on things like theft (envy) and STDs (lust). So, as you can expect greed runs rampant in Southern California and the Northeast. Most violent crimes and STDs are in the south. Man, we live in a twisted country…how could you not love it. Read the full article here.

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  1. J.P. Bell wrote: 13 October 2009

    Wow – great idea, and very interesting results….

  2. Dr. Krishan Sharma wrote: 15 October 2009

    Well! I guess you know America pretty well, it’s time for the mapping technologist to apply in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Krishan Sharma,

  3. Kevin Benedict wrote: 23 October 2009

    I love this article. I also wrote about it and expressed my appreciation for how the Kansas State University team could take boring data and turn it into provocative and interesting maps that teach us something about ourselves.

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