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16 Sep 2010


Want to Be a GEOINT Rock Star? USGIF Awards Submissions Deadline Tomorrow!

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Who would not want to be celebrated like a rock star? Perhaps you are the Bono of the GEOINT community and we just don’t know about you? Or you work with a GEOINT rock star and you want them to get respect and admiration they deserve? Well, it’s time to shine a light on the best and brightest of GEOINT. The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) awards program recognizes outstanding achievements and innovations made within the geospatial intelligence tradecraft, and the nominations close tomorrow. Be sure to check out this exclusive podcast with Kevin Jackson, USGIF Awards Subcommittee Chair, and is the Vice President Business Development Geospatial Engineering and Development Operation for SAIC, about why this awards program is so vital to the GEOINT community. Want to find out who the past winners are? Check out this full post.

Check out this full list of past winners. Yes, indeed it is an impressive list and you too can be on the list:

Lifetime Achievement Award
2009 – Charles E. Allen
2008 – Evan Hineman
2007 – The Hon. James R. Clapper Jr.
2006 – Jeffrey K. Harris
2005 – William R. Allder Jr.
2004 – Dr. Leo Hazelwood

Academic Achievement Award
2009 – Andrew Schaeffer
2008 – Sgt. Eric S. Patwell, 26th MEU
2007 – Gabriella Farris, GITP
2006 – Keith Luter, GITP
2005 – John Gutraj, GITP

Research Achievement Award
2009 – Imagery Exploitation Course Team, National Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation
2008 – Capt. Robert Johnson, U.S. Air Force Officer, National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s GEOIN/MASINT Analysis Squadron
2007 – Dr. Swen Johnson, Socio-Cultural Intelligence Analysis Inc.
2006 – Scott Tabor, University of Redlands
2005 – Dorota Grejner-Brzezinsk, Ohio State University Satellite Positioning and Inertial Navigation Lab

Government Achievement Award
2009 – Integrated Collection Management (ICM) Program Team
2008 – Open Source Center Address Finder Team
2007 – Space and Naval Systems Warfare Command C4I Support Team
2006 – The 5th Engineer Detachment, 29th Engineer Battalion, 8th Theater Sustainment Command
2005 – NGA Afghanistan/Pakistan Border Project Team

Military Achievement Award
2009 – Eagle Express Production Team
2008 – Mr. Ray Caputo, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2007 – Ms. Pamela McCue, DIA Missile Intelligence Space Center
2006 – U.S. Army ERDC Topographic Engineering Center’s Buckeye Team
2005 – Captain Chip Carr, NGA

Industry Achievement Award
2009 – Geospatial Engineers, Google Federal Team, Google Inc.
2008 – Mr. Christopher Jengo of ITT
2007 – Matt O’Connell of GeoEye
2006 – Wes Hildebrandt of SPADAC
2005 – Mark Ingersoll and Todd Ham of Harris Corp.

Don’t delay. Tomorrow is the deadline! Submit your nominations here.

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